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What is bi-directional data exchange (BIDX)?
Many sites with EHR systems currently submit patient data to CAIR2 electronically using a process called data exchange (DX).  CAIR2 also allows EHR systems to retrieve patient information from CAIR2 using a process called bi-directional data exchange (BiDX). This involves an EHR submitting an electronic patient query message to CAIR2 and CAIR2 returning an electronic response message containing a matching patient history, with or without vaccine recommendations, back to the EHR system for display and/or import.

Nearly 200 Sites have now completed the BiDX testing/onboarding process and are now submitting daily patient queries to CAIR2 and receiving patient histories back to their EHR systems. To begin the BiDX ‘onboarding’ process, follow the steps outlined below.

Steps in the BiDX ‘Onboarding’ Process
Sites interested in BiDX (including data aggregators/HIEs) will need to go through a formal testing/onboarding process. Note: your Site will not be considered for BiDX unless you are currently sending production immunization data to CAIR2. Interested Sites should complete the following steps in order:

  1. Consult with your vendor about the readiness of your EHR system to send and receive BiDX messages and make sure your vendor has access to the CAIR2 Bi-directional (QBP/RSP) Data Exchange Implementation Guide.
  2. Review the CAIR2 Bi-directional Data Exchange Checklist. The checklist includes things a clinic needs to consider in moving to BiDX, including possible changes to clinic workflow, the need for proper staff training, etc.
  3. Complete the CAIR2 Bi-directional Data Exchange Interest/Readiness Survey. This step is required as it places Sites in the BiDX ‘onboarding’ queue.

CAIR2 staff will review survey responses and approve Sites that are ready, and as staff time allows, contact approved Sites and provide testing materials so Sites can begin the self-directed testing process.  Once the testing process is completed, Sites will be allowed to begin bi-directional messaging to CAIR2.

Active Patient Histories
To get the most value from the BiDX process, each site should consider submitting all active patient historical doses to CAIR2 so that patient vaccination recommendations returned to your EHR will be correct. Consult with one of our CAIR2 Data Exchange Specialists about submitting prior immunizations records (historical data) for your active patients.