We’re moving to CAIR2—bigger, better, faster!

Update (2/27/17):

Phase 2 (Bay Area and Central Valley regions) launched on February 6 and Phase 3 (LA and Orange) will launch on March 20, 2017. Most of the major bugs reported in Phase 1 have been fixed. 

  1. Account Update: Phases 1 & 2 sites can add new or modify users now. Phase 3 sites will not have access until after the launch of CAIR2.
  2. CAIR Help Desk: Because of large call volume related to the Phase 2 rollout, voicemal has been disconnected. Please try calling again later or send an email to CAIRHelpDesk@cdph.ca.gov.
  3. Phase 2 Power, Regular, and Read-Only Accounts Are Active: If you are still not able to log in to CAIR2, email CAIRHelpDesk@cdph.ca.gov
  4. Inventory: DTaP was assigned the wrong trade name and multi-dose vials are showing incorrect doses in CAIR2. We are working to fix these issues.
  5. TB Test: Not all test results were moved to CAIR2 for the Bay Area region. The missing results will be moved soon. Some users are not able to see TB Test tab. Please send a screen shot to CAIRHelpDesk@cdph.ca.gov while we work to resolve this issue.
  6. Missing Information: If you are missing any patients, patient immunizations, inventory, or patient notes, email CAIRHelpDesk@cdph.ca.gov.
  7. Immunization Schedule:  ACIP doses validation and recommendations should be working for children and adults except for a few that remain to be fixed: 

    1. PCV13 is still not being recommended for persons 65 years of age and older.
    2. HPV 2-dose schedule is not yet implemented .
  8. Yellow Card: Now displays all valid vaccines. Doses that are “NOT VALID” will show up as space allows in the “other” category.
  9. History of Varicella: Should show accurately.
  10. Hep A and B doses: In process of being changed to the appropriate formulation based on age at administration.
  11. Web Browser Security Update: You may need to change settings or install a newer version of your browser if you are blocked from CAIR2.
  12. Reminder Recall: Not working properly.

See release notes posted on the CAIR login page for more information. If you are having issues with CAIR2, please email CAIRHelpDesk@cdph.ca.gov or call 1-800-578-7889.


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Note: CAIR2 is still in development. More information will be added when it is available.
Details and dates are subject to change.