We’ve moved to CAIR2—bigger, better, faster!

For assistance, email the CAIRHelpDesk@cdph.ca.gov or call 800-578-7889.  See general guidance for having your issues addressed on the CAIR Help Desk page. See the CAIR Release Notes for recent bug fixes/changes to the CAIR2 software.

Some remaining issues are listed below:

  1. Are you seeing duplicate patients records? Are these records missing recently administered doses? Learn more
  2. Missing Patients or Doses?: If you are missing any patients, patient immunizations, inventory, patient notes, or Tb test results, please email the CAIR Help Desk. Include CAIR1 IDs if known.
  3. Immunization Schedule:  CAIR2 should validate and correctly recommend routine doses for both children and adults except for the following:
    • Does not preferentially recommend PCV13 (vs. PPSV23) for unvaccinated adults at 65 years of age.
    • Follow-up dose of Td/Tdap recommended every 5 yrs instead of every 10 years
      Note that CAIR2 does not link specific vaccine recommendations to high-risk conditions entered into CAIR2 as ‘Patient Comments’ so providers will need to refer to other clinical resources for appropriate risk-based vaccine recommendations.
  4. Browser Issues: You may need to change settings or install a newer version of your browser if you are blocked from CAIR2. Information may not be displayed correctly on older versions of Firefox. Please update your browser to the latest version of Firefox to ensure all CAIR data is displayed correctly. There may be problems entering historical doses in the Chrome web browser. Try using Firefox or Internet Explorer instead.
  5. Hep A-Hep B travel schedule (accelerated): Will be added but for now, followup doses will be listed as invalid.
  6. COCASA Reports: Fix in progress. Downloadable report files will be replaced with zip files.

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