About CAIR2

Why did we transition to CAIR2?

The CAIR2 Project has three main goals:

  • To consolidate patient data from the 7 CDPH-managed regional CAIR registries (Northern California, Greater Sacramento, Bay Area, Central Valley, Central Coast, LA-Orange, and Inland Empire) into a single, centralized registry (the ‘CAIR hub’),
  • To replace the current CAIR software used by those 7 regions with new CAIR2 software that will be compliant with state IT standards and support one-way and bidirectional HL7 data exchange,
  • To electronically connect the CAIR ‘hub’ to the other 3 non-CDPH CAIR regional registries to allow statewide patient searches and record retrieval. This is scheduled to occur in 2018.

Do I need special software to access CAIR2?

  • CAIR2 will be web-based, so no downloading, installation, or electronic health record (EHR) is required.
  • CAIR2 will be accessible with PCs, Macs, and tablets using current internet browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer)

Can I access CAIR2 on a mobile device?

    • Yes, CAIR2 can be accessed from a mobile device. However, you will need to zoom. We may develop a more useable mobile interface in the future.


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