About CAIR2

Why did we transition to CAIR2?

The CAIR2 Project has three main goals:

  • To consolidate patient data from the 7 CDPH-managed regional CAIR registries (Northern California, Greater Sacramento, Bay Area, Central Valley, Central Coast, LA-Orange, and Inland Empire) into a single, centralized registry (the ‘CAIR hub’),
  • To replace the current CAIR software used by those 7 regions with new CAIR2 software that will be compliant with state IT standards and support one-way and bidirectional HL7 data exchange,
  • To electronically connect the CAIR ‘hub’ to the other 3 non-CDPH CAIR regional registries to allow statewide patient searches and record retrieval. This is scheduled to occur in 2018.

What are the new features in CAIR2?

Compare current CAIR1 to CAIR2 by type of organization:

Do I need special software to access CAIR2?

  • CAIR2 will be web-based, so no downloading, installation, or electronic health record (EHR) is required.
  • CAIR2 will be accessible with PCs, Macs, and tablets using current internet browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer)

Can I access CAIR2 on a mobile device?

  • Yes, CAIR2 can be accessed from a mobile device. However, you will need to zoom. We may develop a more useable mobile interface in the future.
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