Benefits of CAIR2

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How will providers benefit by using CAIR2?

CAIR2 will offer several new features that will help clinics provide the best care for their patients:

  • CAIR2 is bigger!  By summer of 2017, CAIR2 will consolidate immunization records from all regional immunization registries across the state. This means that you’ll be able to access more complete immunization histories even if your patient visited multiple providers in different clinics and regions. This will enable to you to make better informed decisions on what immunizations your patients need and save you from waiting and deferring or repeating doses. No additional release forms are needed. 

  • CAIR2 is better!  New features include real-time bidirectional data exchange. The state-of-the-art software has already been used successfully in 17 other states.

  • CAIR2 is faster.  Patient lookups and reports will run faster – no timeouts! You no longer have to wait to provide updated yellow cards to patients, since data sent to CAIR2 will appear within seconds.

In addition, your office will spend less time pulling patient charts since:

  • Schools and child-care centers will find more records in CAIR2.

  • Health plans will be able to run their own reports of their members’ immunizations from CAIR2.

CAIR2 will still provide the same functions you value from the previous system, including:

  • Automated routine vaccine scheduling, which shows what doses are due for your patients using the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

  • Reports to help you manage vaccine inventory and tracking of doses administered.

  • Reminder and recall lists, so your office can identify and contact patients who are in need of immunizations.

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How will Health Plans or Physician Groups benefit from using CAIR2?

Your Health Plan /Physician Group may be able to:

  • Run health plan patient match HEDIS reports direcly without submitting a request.  Accessing CAIR2 data directly can reduce the need for chart reviews. Fewer chart reviews will save Health Plan resources and be less disruptive to provider offices. More information will be added about how health plans can access this information.

  • HEDIS matches can help Health Plans determine which patients are due for which vaccines, and remind/recall the patients to get them up-to-date and meet performance targets. 

  • Help your providers avoid expensive, unnecessary over-immunization because it will better consolidate records over time and from multiple providers. Using CAIR2 helps ensure that an individual gets the correct doses at the right time.

Medi-Cal Managed Care Plans are mandated by state contracts to ensure that member-specific immunizations are reported to the immunization registry. CAIR2 will better assist your network providers to keep members fully immunized. 

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How will schools, childcare facilities, and colleges benefit from using CAIR2?

CAIR2 will help schools, child care centers and colleges more easily determine which immunizations students have received and which are due. 

  • Works with PCs, Macs, and tablets using current versions of internet browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer)

  • CAIR2 will make it easier to assess if children/students are properly immunized if an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease, such as measles, occurs. Being able to quickly look up accurate immunization records can greatly reduce disruption to school activities and spread of disease.

  • As in CAIR1, schools can look up students and assign them to a class list. Then run a report that shows which students have received all vaccine doses required for admission and which students are missing doses.

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