CAIR2 User Advisory Group

Helping to:

  • Identify ways to improve CAIR2;
  • Prioritize known CAIR2 bugs;
  • Review CAIR2 software upgrades before they go live.

Thank you to our participants:

Silvia Sanchez
Lizeth Larson
Helen Topacio
Jocelyn Vanhorn
Lili Nian
Melissa Ortiz
Donita Polk
Mina Leon
Summer Penn
Jennifer Inden
Dinah May Jimenez
Bruno Tching
James Kay
Livia Blenche
Patrick Kohring
Michael Prado
Kevin Ahern
Eloise Rossiter
Samantha Coston
Heather Marquette
Velina Godoy
Christie London
Trang Hoa
Pamela Ash
Ana Alonzo
Jocelyn Vanhorn

Meeting Notes:

September 27: Minutes | Slides

August 23: Minutes

June 28: Minutes | Slides

July 26: Minutes | Slides