CAIR2 User Guides and Training Videos

CAIR2 User Guides CAIR2 Training Videos (minutes)
CAIR2 Regular User Guide  Accessing CAIR (6:32) 
CAIR2 Inventory User (Power) Guide  Managing Patients (10:58) 
CAIR2 Organizational Reports Guide  Understanding the History/Recommend Page (8:14) 
CAIR2 Read-Only User Quick Guide  Adding New Immunization (8:51) 
CAIR2 Read-Only User Guide Adding Historical Immunizations (6:18) 
CAIR2 TB User Guide  Generating Patient-Specific Reports (5:43)
CAIR2 School User Guide Vaccine Inventory (12:13) 
CAIR2 Complete User Manual  Vaccine Transfers (11:35) 
  Generating Reminder and Recall Reports (11:01) 
  Generating and Understanding Ad Hoc Reports (12:34) 
  Generating Benchmark and Assessment Reports (19:52) 
  School and Child Care User (11:56) 
Data Exchange Monitoring Training Video
Data Exchange 101 – How to Ensure Your Clinic Submits Quality Data to CAIR2.  Training  for clinic staff – emphasizes the importance of monitoring data exchange to ensure continuity and data quality.  For 'Power' and DX DQ' users who will monitor the data exchange process.  video| ppt | pdf
Get Your ACKs Together!:  Clinic Level Monitoring of Data Exchange (DX) Transactions.  A previous version of the above presentation. Training for 'DX Power' and 'DX Quality Assurance (DX QA)' Users.  video | ppt | pdf