Data Exchange

Welcome to the new CAIR2 Data Exchange webpage!

If your practice uses an Electronic Health Record system (EHR) and would like to send immunization data to CAIR2 electronically, the links below will provide the information your site will need in order to get started.

Five Steps To Data Exchange (DX)
The steps your site will need to take, in order to enroll in the CAIR IZ Portal for data exchange and begin submitting data electronically to CAIR2.

Bidirectional Exchange (BiDX)
Information and steps required for bidirectional exchange with CAIR2.

DX Training and Quick Guides
Link to CAIR2 quick guides and presentations on data exchange.

Data Exchange FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions regarding data exchange and CAIR2.

Inventory Management  Learn how to manage your inventory through data exchange.

Data Exchange Resources
This page provides links to data exchange resources and information