Why Are There Duplicates? Why Are There Doses Missing?

Consolidation of data from 25 million patients into the new CAIR2 database did not go perfectly. We estimate about 1% of the records migrated were either pre-existing duplicates that failed to merge or new duplicates created during the migration process. A further complication is that incoming data exchange doses for any duplicated patients are held in a pending file and not added to the patient record until the duplicate records are merged into a single record. Since the number of duplicated records is significant, we have developed a database clean-up strategy that we hope will merge these duplicate records and import all missing pending doses into the merged records by early in 2018. In the meantime, when searching for a patient, use demographic info (e.g. names, DOB) rather than CAIR2 Patient IDs (since these will return just a single record when there may be duplicate records) and please continue to report duplicated records to the CAIR2 Help Desk (CAIRHelpDesk@cdph.ca.gov) using the Duplicate Record Correction form. Also, continue to report to the CAIR Help Desk any missing doses in patients who are not duplicates.

The CAIR2 interface does have a ‘merge patients’ screen (see below) that is currently accessible only to CAIR2 staff due to needed upgrades to the interface. In the future, CAIR2 may allow clinic users to use this interface to merge duplicate patients as they encounter them.

merge patients screen