Decrementing Inventory via Data Exchange


Sites transitioning to CAIR2 now have the ability to have vaccine doses decrement from inventory in CAIR2 through data exchange. However, inventory decrementing is switched to off in the software but can switched on as requested.  There are several important steps in sequence that your clinic should take to prepare for decrementing inventory:

  1. Ensure that your data exchange HL7 messages being submitted to CAIR2 contain the required data elements summarized in Table 1 below.  The vaccine elements listed, e.g. vaccine, lot #, and patient VFC eligiblity status, must match inventory in CAIR2 for decrementing of inventory to occur
  2. Make sure you have entered your existing vaccine inventory into CAIR2, using the correct funding sources.
  3. Contact one of our DX Staff at with your request to begin decrementing inventory.  Staff will confirm that your incoming messages contain all the required data elements.
  4. You will be asked to pick a start date and then, at close of business on the day prior to your start date, count your current inventory and make any adjustments to your CAIR2 inventory so that your subsequent doses administered and inventory reports will be accurate. 
Table 1. Required HL7 Message Fields for Inventory Decrementing
Segment/Field Data Element Comments
MSH-22 Responsible Sending Org Your CAIR Org Code .
RXA-5.1 Administration Code Vaccine code submitted must match vaccine in the CAIR2 inventory.
RXA-9.1 Administered Notes Must be coded as a an administered dose (code is '00').
RXA-11.4 Administered-at Location Your CAIR Org Code. Indicates who administered the dose and whose  CAIR vaccine inventory the dose will be decremented/subtracted from.
RXA-15 Substance Lot Number Vaccine lot number submitted must match lot number in CAIR2 inventory.
RXA-20 Completion Status Must be ‘CP’, ‘PA’, or empty.
RXA-21 Action Code Must be ‘A’ or ‘U’  
OBX-5.1 Observation Value VFC Funding Eligibility Category sent in this field must match with the funding category of the vaccine lot as entered into  the CAIR2 inventory