CAIR Forms

CAIR User Forms

  • CAIR Duplicate Correction Form  Use this form to submit duplicate patients records to the CAIR Help Desk for correction.
  • CAIR Transfer Form  Use this form to transfer an existing CAIR user from one CAIR Provider ID to another, as long as the CAIR Provider IDs are not within the same group.

CAIR Registration/ Account Management (now paperless!)

CAIR has now transitioned to a fully automated, online process for registering or managing your CAIR Account so no more paper forms need to be filled out and sent ot the CAIR Help Desk to enroll in CAIR or to add Users or request User access level changes. See table below for how to proceed.

If you are new to CAIR and would like enroll in CAIR to:      Register at:
– Submit data electronically from your EHR system            CAIR IZ Portal page
  – Enter patient data manually or look-up patients           CAIR New Enrollment page 
If you have a current CAIR Account and would like to:      Go to the:
– Update/change your CAIR Account information       CAIR Account Update page
– Change your CAIR Account access status 
– Add or delete Users 
– Change a User's access status 

CAIR Patient Forms

As of January 1, 2013, CAIR will be authorized to record Tuberculosis (TB) screening  test results in addition to immunizations.  TB test results will be treated the same as immunization information in that: 1) patients/parents must be disclosed that providers are permitted to share immunization information and TB test results with CAIR, and that 2) patients/parents have the right to opt-out of sharing their immunization information and TB test results with other CAIR users.

Immunization Registry Notice to Patients and Parents (Disclosure Form)

Decline or Start Sharing Immunization Information Request Form

Permission to Share Your Child's School Immunization Information with CAIR (for Schools only)


Record Release Authorization Form