Health Plan User (HEDIS Reports)

Health plans (HPs), independent practice associations (IPAs), and medical groups (MPs) can submit member lists to CAIR and receive back matched patient immunization histories to help them complete their HEDIS (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set) measures. 

Complete the forms below to enroll in the HEDIS process and format and submit your files according to the HEDIS Patient Match Specifications document below.  Representatives of these groups can also be given read-only access to CAIR that allows individual patient lookup.   To request a CAIR read-only user accounts, contact Steve Nickell (  If you are interested in  patient match reports from CAIR San Joaquin or CAIR San Diego, contact the Local User Support Contact in those regions.


New CAIR2 Patient Match (HEDIS) Flat File Specifications Are Coming This Summer!

Sometime this summer, CAIR2 users will transition to running patient match queries through the user interface, so that each HP will need to have an active CAIR2 Account.  Please review the HEDIS Participant List below to see whether your Health Plan has a current CAIR Account.  To update your HP contact info, or choose another CAIR Account to be your HEDIS account, or to apply for a CAIR Account , please send your HP info to Make sure to include a completed HEDIS Data Request Agreement if your organization has not already submitted one.  Until further notice,  all patient match queries will be performed by CAIR staff using the old file specifications (see above).    In preparation for the transition this summer, please review the new Flat File specs document below that contains file specs for patient immunization data uploads and patient match queries.