Imperial County – Welcome to CAIR2!

All users of the current Imperial County Immunization Registry will be transitioning to the use of CAIR2 in April of 2018.  Prior to the switchover in April 2018, all patient immunization data, participating site accounts, and participating user accounts will be migrated to CAIR2 to assure a smooth transition. Immunization data from Imperial County will be part of the statewide database, where providers, schools and local health departments will be able to access patient immunization information. 

For Imperial users who will continue to manually enter patient doses into CAIR2 (regular and power users), training will be required.  Current clinical users will be contacted prior to the transition and given the opportunity to sign up for trainings.  Other current Imperial County look-up users  (e.g. school staff, WIC, Headstart) will not be required to receive formal training. Your login credentials will be emailed to you prior to the launch along with links to our CAIR2 User Guides and Training Videos page.    

Even if you will attend training prior to the switchover, CAIR2 urges all users to review relevant CAIR2 training materials at the CAIR2 User Guides and Training Videos webpage to become familiar with the new system. 


Imperial County Transition Timeline

CAIR2 Training Registration Begins

CAIR2 Training Begins

CAIR2 Launches

February TBD, 2018

March TBD, 2018

  April TBD, 2018   8 a.m.