Mission Statement

CAIR Vision, Mission and Goals

Vision: Any authorized user anywhere in the state of California can immediately obtain comprehensive immunization information on any California child.

Mission: CAIR is a collaboration of immunization registries that ensures the secure, electronic exchange of immunization records to support the elimination of vaccine preventable diseases. Note: CAIR regions work closely with the state to improve immunization coverage and practice.

Goal: The goal of CAIR is to improve immunization rates for all California children through an innovative public-private partnership. CAIR is a collaborative effort involving regional immunization registry services, with the support of their local health departments, the California Department of Public Health Immunization Branch, and a spectrum of key stakeholders across the state. CAIR is working to develop an integrated, secure, readily-accessible statewide network of computerized immunization information systems to make each child’s full immunization history available to providers and other authorized users, such as schools, foster care, and juvenile detention centers. The system will ensure that users have rapid access to complete and up-to-date immunization records, as well as expert vaccine forecasting. A major objective is to eliminate both missed opportunities to immunize and unnecessary duplicate immunizations.