Pharmacy Manual Data Entry – Where/When/How?

CAIR is currently undergoing consolidation of 7 regional registries (NorCal, Gr. Sacramento, Bay Area, central Coast, Central Valley, Inland Empire, and LA-Orange) into a single consolidated state registry known as CAIR2.   This 3-phased rollout has different CAIR regions transitioning to use of the new CAIR2 software at different times.  Furthermore, 3 of the 10 CAIR regional registries will continue to use their own software and store their own regional patient data. These 3 'independent' CAIR registries are CAIR San Joaquin, CAIR San Diego, and CAIR Imperial.   


Where your pharmacy organization operates will determines where your organization will submit data and also the expected timeline, given that 7 of the regional registries are in the process of transitioning to CAIR2.  To preclude pharnacy staff in the 7 CAIR2 regions from having to be trained on both the current and the new CAIR2 software, pharmacy organizations in CAIR regions that have not yet transitioned to the new software (Bay Area, Central Valley, and LA-Orange) and whose plan is to comply using manual entry can defer participation until their regions transition to CAIR2.   View the CAIR Regions page to determine which regions your pharmacy organization operates in. 

In the Table below, find the CAIR region(s) where your pharmacy organization operates, when your pharmacy organization should begin engagement (now for all except the CAIR2 Phase 2 and 3 regions), and Next Steps.   

If your Pharmacy Organization operates in: When can my site register?: Your Next Steps Are/Will Be:
Any CAIR2 Phase 1 region Now

1. Register each site as ‘Retail Pharmacy’ at CAIR New Enrollment
2. During  registration, request 'Regular' user accounts for each staff member who will enter data. Additional  CAIR2 User Roles are also available.
3. Staff will need to register for and attend a webinar training before being given CAIR2 access.
4. Trained pharmacy staff will enter immunization data into CAIR2.

Any CAIR2 Phase 2 region (Bay Area or Central Valley) Early 2017*
CAIR2 Phase 3 region (LA-Orange) Summer 2017**
CAIR San Joaquin, CAIR San Diego, or CAIR Imperial Now 1. Based on your region, contact the appropriate CAIR Regional Registry Contact

* CAIR2 Phase 2 transition occurred on February 6th 2017.
** CAIR2 Phase 3 transiton will occur on March 20th 2017, however it is anticipated that new enrollments will be accepted Summer 2017. Check back for specific date.