Can I Use CAIR to Find My Records?

Finding your (or your child’s) shot records can be frustrating because you may not know where to look.  If you can’t remember where or when the shots were given, the search can appear hopeless.

The California Immunization Registry (CAIR) can help make this process much easier and more successful for you.  However, please keep in mind that CAIR is relatively new and doctor participation is still voluntary. Currently, CAIR does not contain all of California’s immunization records.

If you are looking for  a record from the late 1990’s to the present, there is a good chance it is in CAIR.

To check the database for your records, please contact the CAIR Help Desk.  To request a copy of your shot records from CAIR, download this form: Authorization to Release Immunization Records or ask the Help Desk for a copy.

If your (or your child’s) records are not found in CAIR, here are a few hints where else you might look:

  • physicians or medical groups that gave the immunizations.
  • your local health department. Local offices began collecting records at various times, so the chances of finding older records are greater.
  • schools the student attended in California. [Note: school records are often not accessible more than a year or two or after graduation]
  • family records, such as a baby book.