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To login to a CA regional registry, click on the registry name below.

CAIR Registries-Login

To login to a CA regional registry, click on the registry name below.

CAIR Registries – Login

To login to a CA regional registry, click on the registry name below.  


Org/Site Enrollment Issues Who can I contact regarding whether I have successfully enrolled my organization in CAIR2? I enrolled my Org/Site in CAIR2. What do I do next? I’ve enrolled my Org/Site in CAIR2 for data exchange (DX) submission. What are my next steps? I’ve enrolled my Org/Site in CAIR2 for data exchange (DX) submission.  read more »

Moving From CAIR1 to CAIR2 Guide

Getting Started Login Training After the launch of CAIR2 Help Patient Records Patient Disclosure: no change Patient Decline to Share: no change Locked Records Patient Search CAIR2 IDs Not Moved to CAIR2 Recording Vaccine Reactions Access to Records in CAIR1 and CAIR2 Inventory Lots Moving From CAIR1 Data Exchange Historical Shots Reactions, Risks, Refusals, and Immunity Status File Status read more »

CAIR2 Glossary

* Clinical Sites Non-Clinical Sites Active CAIR User Data-Exchange Sites HL7 Messaging Bidirectional Data Exchange (BiDX) Decrementing Inventory Vaccine Eligibility Codes CAIR2 Statewide Registry   Back to CAIR2 Overview   * Clinical Sites: These sites submit doses to CAIR either manually or electronically. Sites submitting records to CAIR electronically from their Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems are read more »

Training for CAIR2

Why is training required? Will dates and times fit my busy schedule? What if I miss the training dates for my region? When can new users moving in Phase 2 attend training? How do I sign up for training?   Back to CAIR2 Overview * Why is training required? Training is required for all clinical CAIR users read more »

About CAIR

The California Immunization Registry (CAIR) is a secure, confidential, statewide computerized immunization information system for California residents. The CAIR system consists of 9 distinct regional immunization registries (mostly multi-county regions). Each registry is accessed online to help providers and other authorized users track patient immunization records, reduce missed opportunities, and help fully immunize Californians of all ages. Currently, 7 of read more »

Snowflake COVID-19 Vaccination Data Repository

County Access CA counties now have access to a COVID vaccination data repository built on the Snowflake platform. Before requesting access, please note that the Snowflake data repository is nothing more than that – it’s just a centralized access point for authorized data users to download COVID-19 doses administered data – nothing more. There are read more »

COVID-19 Vaccine Reporting Information and Resources

COVID-19 vaccine has been approved for use by California providers under an FDA emergency use authorization (EUA). In order to get access to vaccine, vaccinating providers will need to register for the program and sign the COVID-19 Provider Agreement (provided for reference only – official registration is online) agreeing to a number of specific conditions. read more »