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To login to a CA regional registry, click on the registry name below.

CAIR Registries-Login

To login to a CA regional registry, click on the registry name below.

CAIR Registries – Login

To login to a CA regional registry, click on the registry name below.  

COVID-19 Vaccine Reporting Information and Resources

COVID-19 vaccine has been approved for use by California providers under an FDA emergency use authorization (EUA). In order to get access to vaccine, vaccinating providers will need to register for the program and sign the COVID-19 Provider Agreement (provided for reference only – official registration is online) agreeing to a number of specific conditions. read more »


Org/Site Enrollment Issues Who can I contact regarding whether I have successfully enrolled my organization in CAIR2? I enrolled my Org/Site in CAIR2. What do I do next? I’ve enrolled my Org/Site in CAIR2 for data exchange (DX) submission. What are my next steps? I’ve enrolled my Org/Site in CAIR2 for data exchange (DX) submission.  read more »

Data Exchange (DX) FAQs

GettingStarted My clinic is interested in enrolling in data exchange (DX) with CAIR2. What are the steps? I have enrolled in CAIR2 for data exchange (DX) submission.  Do I need login accounts for any of my staff? Do I need to attend training if our org/site submits through data exchange (DX)? Can data exchange (DX) read more »

Imperial County – Welcome to CAIR2!

All users of the Imperial County Immunization Registry have transitioned to the use of CAIR2.  All patient immunization data, participating site accounts, and participating user accounts were successfully migrated. Immunization data from Imperial County are now part of the statewide database, where providers, schools and local health departments can access patient immunization information.  For Imperial users who will continue to read more »

CAIR1 Going Offline

On November 1, 2017, CAIR1 will be taken down. CAIR users will no longer be able to access patient records in CAIR1.   Why is CAIR1 being taken offline? CAIR1 has been replaced by new Immunization Registry software (CAIR2). Since CAIR1 is written in an out-dated language, CAIR1 is being taken offline to avoid any read more »

Bidirectional Data Exchange (BiDX) with CAIR2 – Sign Up Now!

What is Bidirectional Exchange (BiDX)?It is the two-way communication between a provider Electronic Health Record system (EHR) and the California Immunization Registry (CAIR2).  When a provider opens a patient record in their EHR, an electronic patient query is sent to CAIR2 and if a matching patient is found, CAIR2 returns an electronic response containing the read more »

CAIR2 Account Update Functions

Some functions for Account Update have changed with CAIR2.  Can: Edit organization’s contact information, VFC PIN and add licensed clinician information Validate address by checking for any errors Add clinician (shot giver) to organization and edit name and title Add new user Edit user’s name, contact information, role (user level), active status (including deactivate) Give access to a read more »