About CAIR

The California Immunization Registry (CAIR) is a secure, confidential, statewide computerized immunization information system for California residents. The CAIR system consists of 9 distinct regional immunization registries (mostly multi-county regions). Each registry is accessed online to help providers and other authorized users track patient immunization records, reduce missed opportunities, and help fully immunize Californians of all ages.

Currently, 7 of the 9 CAIR regions use the same software, also called 'CAIR' and are supported by a centralized Help Desk.  Local support staff are also available to assist users.

The remaining 2 regions, San Diego and the greater San Joaquin Valley utilize different software to access patient records. In addition, Imperial operates a county immunization registry that is not currently part of the CAIR system. Contact information for these and other regional registries is on the CAIR Regions page.

How the CAIR system works:

  1. California law allows health care providers to share patient immunization information with an immunization registry as long as the patient (or patient’s parent) is informed about the registry, including their right to ‘lock’ the record in CAIR so that immunization information is not shared with other CAIR users (though the data remains available to the patient’s provider).   CAIR ‘Disclosure’ and ‘Decline to Share’ forms are available on the CAIR Forms page.
  2. Participation in CAIR is voluntary and is open to healthcare providers, schools, child care facilities, county welfare departments, family child care homes, foster care agencies, WIC service providers, and health care plans.  To participate, users must sign a confidentiality agreement stating they will maintain the confidentiality of the patient immunization information and will only use the information to provide patient care or to confirm that childcare or school immunization requirements have been met.
  3. Because CAIR currently exists as 9 separate registries, an authorized user can only access patient data within their defined geographic region (see above).  In the coming years, CAIR will integrate its existing regional databases so that immunization data for patients residing anywhere in the state will be accessible to any CAIR user in California.
  4. Health care providers and other authorized users log in to the registry using a user ID and password.  In addition to accessing patient immunization information, users can utilize the integrated vaccine algorithm to determine vaccinations due, enter new patients or vaccine doses administered, manage vaccine inventory, run patient or inventory reports, or run reminder/recalls on their patients.  New patients or vaccine doses can either be entered directly into CAIR using the web interface or can be submitted electronically as aggregated data files (e.g. exported from their EHR systems) for upload to CAIR.  Many prominent private and public health care entities already share data electronically with CAIR!