CAIR Champion Bernice Moore

My name is Bernice Moore and I’m a Health Technician at the Ontario Montclair School District in San Bernardino County where I’ve been working for the past year.

Before I started to use CAIR, I definitely did not think it would be easy. But when it came time to get trained, I learned what I need to know in about 10 minutes!

You don’t need much computer background to learn CAIR. It is fairly self-explanatory and easy to maneuver. And, if you are have a problem, you can always just call the CAIR Help Desk.

CAIR made my job absolutely easier and more efficient. For example, before CAIR, it was difficult to get a copy of immunizations if a parent misplaced their “yellow card.”  Now with CAIR, student records are more up-to-date and fewer students will be considered 'non-compliant.'

CAIR made it possible to do something I never would have been able to do previously. I found 25 of our students on CAIR who had their Tdap booster shot and they had never let me know they had it. We were able to use this information to make our records more accurate.

My favorite part of CAIR is the simplicity and ease in which I can find a student and their record (and accuracy too!).

Simply put, I would never want to not have access to CAIR, it would make my records incomplete.