CAIR Champion Mayra Barraza

Mayra Barraza imageMayra Barraza, a Medical Assistant at Borrego Health in Riverside, was named the CDC’s 2013 California Immunization Champion for meticulously ensuring that all patients under age 2 are immunized according to the recommended schedule. Or, as Mayra puts it, “I don’t want any child to fall between the cracks.”

Each month, Mayra uses CAIR to create a recall list of patients who have missed immunizations. She calls the parents or guardian of each patient on the list and makes an appointment for their child’s immunization. If she can’t connect by phone, Mayra follows up by sending a recall postcard to remind parents to make an appointment. Mayra also checks patients’ health care records at every visit to see whether they are up-to-date on immunizations.

Her careful tracking of immunization records, using CAIR, has helped the Riverside Borrego Health practice achieve a high rate of success in scheduling appointments for children who would have otherwise missed recommended vaccinations.

Congratulations to Mayra for this terrific recognition as an Immunization and CAIR Champion!