CAIR Champion Shanta Ramdeholl


Shanta Ramdeholl, RN, PHN, MSN-Ed is the Clinical & Administrative Director of Juvenile Justice Center Medical Services in San Leandro, affiliated with Children's Hospital Oakland and a CAIR user for more than five years! Shanta’s office vaccinates about 7 to 10 patients a day.

She recalls that when she was getting started she worried that CAIR would be hard to use. But she was very glad it took only a short time to master. Now as an experienced user, Shanta is reassuring to anyone who might be nervous in getting started. “It’s absolutely easy to use. I have staff who are definitely not computer savvy/literate yet they are able to access and use the system without any difficulty.”

“Before using CAIR, information was not easily accessible, or organized. Now, all immunization information is at one location rather than reviewing many, many charts to find what I need.” As a CAIR champion, Shanta reports that it takes only 2-4 minutes to enter a patient’s immunization information in CAIR.  “This system is an amazing tool to enter and retrieve information!”

When asked if CAIR allows her staff to do anything they weren’t able to do before, Shanta explains that “we used to have to spend time reviewing the chart to see what vaccines were given and document when a kid is leaving.” It's so much easier to look this up in CAIR. She also loves the inventory tracking, which used to be done manually. “CAIR makes it wonderful, because the inventory is automatically deducted from the stock.”  And last but not least, Shanta appreciates printing the school record so the family gets an updated record too.

When asked what she like best about CAIR, Shanta had plenty to say. “It’s user-friendly, organizes the information and makes it easily accessible both for school records and for us. And being able to print reports when we need to provide information about productivity is another plus.”

In sum, says Shanta with much enthusiasm, “CAIR makes our workload much easier and far more efficient. We have kids leaving the Juvenile Hall to go home on a daily basis, and printing their information is much better than going through the chart to document the vaccines they receive. I would really like to talk more health partners into using CAIR because it is a great repository for this information. Love it!”

Would she ever go back to working without CAIR?  “Absolutely not!” she quipped. “I will do everything in my power to get them on board very quickly. And if you know me, please don't tell me anything is impossible. I will prove you wrong!”