CAIR Champion Wendy Calderon

Meet Wendy Calderon, Medical Clinic Manager at the Sacramento Native American Health Center. Wendy’s been using CAIR for more than five years. She estimates her office vaccinates about 15 patients a day.

Like others we’ve heard from, Wendy thought it would be hard to use CAIR. But within a week she was up and running with it. Now, it takes only about 5 minutes or so to enter a new record into CAIR. “It’s very user-friendly,” she adds.

CAIR has made the clinic flow faster. We print out the routing slip, the provider reviews it and approves the vaccine needed. It’s a much faster method.”

As the person who manages the vaccine inventory in CAIR, Wendy appreciates how easy it is to use and run inventory reports. She also likes being able to record a patient’s TB test. “It’s a good addition to the system.”

Her favorite part of CAIR?  Inventory management and reports—as well as being able to print school forms and patient immunization records. Wendy is happy to be a CAIR Champion and says decisively that she would never go back to the old pre-CAIR days. “It’s very helpful and prevents children from getting over-immunized.”