COVID-19 Vaccine Reporting Information and Resources

COVID-19 vaccine has been approved for use by California providers under an FDA emergency use authorization (EUA). In order to get access to vaccine, vaccinating providers will need to register for the program and sign the COVID-19 Provider Agreement (provided for reference only – official registration is online) agreeing to a number of specific conditions. Among these are three important ones that vaccinators need to consider before enrolling. Participating vaccinators must:

  1. Report COVID-19 doses administered within 24 hrs of administration to your local immunization registry (IIS) (e.g. CAIR2, Healthy Futures, or SDIR)
  2. Report COVID-19 doses in inventory daily to the VaccineFinder website.
  3. Submit race and ethnicity information for every vaccinated patient.

Initially, registration for the program will be by invitation only because of limited vaccine supply but will be expanded as more vaccine becomes available. Early priority populations for vaccination will be health care personnel, skilled nursing (SNF) and long-term care facility (LTCF) residents and staff, and critical infrastructure personnel.

Preparing for COVID-19 Participation

If your organization/site is not currently enrolled in your local IIS and intends to participate, enroll in your local IIS now. Refer to the CAIR Regions page for information on which IIS you would need to enroll in and report to. If your site is already enrolled in your local IIS, do not enroll again.

CAIR2 Reporting

Before enrolling, confirm that your organization/site does not already have an account. Then review the reporting options below and decide how your clinic will submit COVID-19 vaccine doses to your local IIS. If you don’t routinely vaccinate and won’t be participating in CAIR2 post-COVID, please consider the first option.

The three reporting options are presented below in order of how quick and easy they will be for your organization to adopt:

  1. Quickest: Use of the CAIR2 Mass Vax online application (CAIR2 IIS only) . Enroll your site in CAIR2 as a first step and receive an assigned CAIR2 Org Code. The CAIR2 Mass Vax online application offers a simple spreadsheet interface that allows rapid entry of patient and vaccine information and allows automatic upload of doses administered to CAIR2. This is another great option for new sites who want to get started quickly since the interface is simple and intuitive and doses get submitted automatically. CAIR2 Mass Vax User Guide Once you obtain your CAIR2 Org Code and your COVID account is approved, email to get user access.
  2. More time: Manual entry into the IIS. Your site would first need to enroll in CAIR2, then after approval request users, then those users would need to schedule and attend a mandatory online training before being given login access to CAIR2 to enter doses. This would take longer to achieve than the first two reporting methods.
  3. More time: Submission from clinic (or employee health) electronic health record (EHR) system to the IIS. Your site would first need to enroll in CAIR2 . Then your EHR vendor would need to work with our CAIR2 staff to get your EHR connected. With 4,500 sites currently connected, our CAIR2 staff have lots of experience ‘onboarding’ EHR systems. However, testing is required so getting your site connected and submitting doses may take some time.

For more information, contact your Local CAIR Rep

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