DX Submitters – You Will Need to Change Your Submission Endpoint by August 31, 2021

In order to enhance CAIR2’s ability to efficiently process the greatly expanded volume of incoming HL7 messages, CAIR2 is requesting that all providers move their submissions to a new Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud endpoint by August 31, 2021. After this date, CDPH will no longer support the current data submission endpoint. In addition to improving the submission process overall, one notable benefit of transition to the new endpoint is that CAIR2 will again be able to send back real-time acknowledgment (ACK) messages indicating whether your vaccination information was successfully imported into CAIR2. Current provisional ACKS only acknowledge receipt of messages but do not confirm successful upload of message information to CAIR2. Please work with your integration team or EHR vendor to ensure changes are made by August 31, 2021.

New Cloud Endpoint

The necessary change is not difficult – your EHR vendor simply needs to change the submission destination URL to the new CAIR2 cloud endpoint shown below:

New SOAP Operation (optional)

In addition to this required submission endpoint change, we are also recommending that DX submitters utilize a new Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) operation which separates VXU submissions from QBP submissions. This is the preferred method of submission and is being used by several of CAIR2’s large providers.

To implement the new SOAP operation, your EHR vendor will need to incorporate the new WSDL, cloud endpoint, and VXU and QBP operations into your EHR messaging:

If you need any assistance, please email the CAIR2 Data Exchange staff at:CAIRDataExchange@cdph.ca.gov.