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Pharmacy Electronic Data Submission to CAIR – Where/When/How?

The CAR2 Project has consolidated  7 regional registries (CAIR Northern Cal, CAIR Gr. Sacramento, CAIR Bay Area, CAIR Central Coast, CAIR Central Valley, CAIR Inland Empire, and CAIR LA-Orange) into a single, centralized state registry known as CAIR2 .  And as of October 3rd 2016, all sites previously submitting electronic data to any of these 7 regional registries are now submitting data to read more »

Pharmacies and CAIR

Board of Pharmacy regulations now require reporting to CAIR    Pharmacists are allowed to administer vaccinations in California.  See the Pharmacy Vaccinations FAQs page for more information.  On August 25, 2016, the State of California Board of Pharmacy released new regulations which mandate that pharmacists report vaccinations they administer to the California Immunization Registry (CAIR).  See text of the read more »

CAIR2 Training Options for ‘Power’ And ‘Regular’ Users

Find your 'User Status' and 'CAIR2 Phase' below to determine your CAIR training options.  See CAIR Timeline for regions in each Phase. 'Read-Only' users are not required to attend formal training but can refer to the training videos or guides for how to login, lookup patients, and run patient reports. User Status CAIR2 Phase 1 Regions read more »

Moving From CAIR1 to CAIR2 Guide

Getting Started Login Training After the launch of CAIR2 Help Patient Records Patient Disclosure: no change Patient Decline to Share: no change Locked Records Patient Search CAIR2 IDs Not Moved to CAIR2 Recording Vaccine Reactions Access to Records in CAIR1 and CAIR2 Inventory Lots Moving From CAIR1 Data Exchange Historical Shots Reactions, Risks, Refusals, and Immunity Status File Status read more »

What LHDs Need to Know About CAIR2

* Benefits to Health Departments and Public Health How to Support the CAIR2 Transition Elevator Speeches for Providers and Schools   Back to CAIR2 Overview    * Benefits of CAIR2 to Health Departments and Public Health One software and database to maintain. One login to search for patient records statewide by Fall 2017. Local Health Departments read more »

CAIR2 User Guides and Training Videos

CAIR2 User Guides CAIR2 Training Videos (minutes) CAIR2 Login and Account Management Guide Accessing CAIR (6:32)  CAIR2 Regular User Guide Managing Patients (10:58)  CAIR2 Inventory User (Power) Guide Understanding the History/Recommend Page (8:14)  CAIR2 Guide to Adding Historical Immunizations Adding Historical Immunizations (6:18)  CAIR2 Guide to Using Manage Patient Status Vaccine Inventory (12:13)  CAIR2 Reminder/Recall User Guide Adding New Immunization (8:51)  read more »

Training for CAIR2

Why is training required? Will dates and times fit my busy schedule? What if I miss the training dates for my region? When can new users moving in Phase 2 attend training? How do I sign up for training?   Back to CAIR2 Overview * Why is training required? Training is required for all clinical CAIR users read more »


ATTENTION: Last Friday 9/18/2015 there was a small fire in the UC Berkeley Data Center where CAIR is hosted. Several CAIR regional registries were automatically shut down, including LA-Orange, Inland Empire, Greater Sacramento, and Central Valley, but several pieces of hardware failed during the restore process. At the current time, all systems have now been read more »

CAIR 2.0 Project

Welcome to the CAIR 2.0 Project page!   This page will be the central clearinghouse for news and information about the CAIR 2.0 Project.  Please continue to refer back to this page for updates and new content.  What is the CAIR 2.0 Project? When Will It Happen? How will this affect current CAIR users? My practice EHR read more »

Pharmacies and CAIR

Board of Pharmacy regulations now require reporting to CAIR    On August 25, 2016, the State of California Board of Pharmacy released new regulations which included requirements for reporting to the California Immunization Registry (CAIR).  For more information, see the California Board of Pharmacy approved regulations page under Vaccinations.  Note:  Pharmacies will need to enroll in CAIR to submit read more »