Snowflake COVID-19 Vaccination Data Repository

CA counties now have access to a COVID vaccination data repository built on the Snowflake platform. Before requesting access, please note that the Snowflake data repository is nothing more than that – it’s just a centralized access point for authorized data users to download COVID-19 doses administered data – nothing more. There are no tables or graphs or summaries – just raw data to download and users will need to know SQL commands to download the data.

To request county user access, send an email to Michael Powell or Steve Nickell.

Important Notice for Counties Using the Mass Vax Application

We wanted to inform you that we discovered last week that Mass Vax is not exporting the patient county field when submitting COVID-19 vaccine doses to CAIR2. Therefore, counties with clinics using Mass Vax will see lower numbers of county residents receiving COVID-19 doses than have actually been vaccinated. We do have a plan to correct this issue so that all Mass Vax administered doses will appear on county patient reports but don’t currently have a timeline. In the meantime, we’ve upgraded the Mass Vax interface to replace the county field with patient city and zip-code, as transmitted zip-code will auto-populate patient county when COVID-19 doses are sent. With respect to reporting, counties with significant usage of the Mass Vax app should run doses administered by providers in their county rather than doses administered to county residents to get more accurate numbers.

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